YOLO Lounge

Portland, OR


412 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR, US
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Capacity: 250 Age Limit: 21

Bio: YOLO Lounge is an experience unlike any in the region. An effortless fusion of restaurant and lounge coupled with events and networking, blending together to make a seamless array of a ambiance in a venue. In essence, we had a dream to bring together the eclectic people of Portland to a single setting, where they could relax in a venue at once casual but still exhibiting an understated aura of class and gentle touches of refinement. With a pan-asian inspired menu, and unique cocktails to satisfy your palate you can sit back and enjoy your evening in a beautiful setting. Portland has a wide range of lounge and restaurant establishments, yet day by day each place has slowly seemed to melt together, providing nothing new to refresh the night. Inside and out, YOLO strives to embody the city of Portland, with design, quality, and exceptional service. Today, tomorrow, the day after, YOLO will never cease to reach for the goal to meet the desires of it's clientele, by building around it's patrons, always providing for their needs, and encouraging the growth of the city and itself.



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