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Capacity: 2147483647 Age Limit: 16

Bio: XRPRADO IS CLOSING DOWN ON REVERBNATION HEAD OVER TO WWW.XRPRADIO.CO.UK FOR ALL OUR CONTENT AND CATCHUP DUE TO YOUTUBE, SOUNDCLOUD, REVERBNATON AND BANDCAMP's POLICY CHANGES REGARDING PRIVACY, INTELLECTUAL PROPERLY AND RIGHTS ALONGSIDE THE SUBSTANDARD ROYALTY PAYMENTS - XRPRADIO WILL BE CLOSING DOWN ALL XRP SERVICES ON THESE PLATFORMS AND MOVING TO VIDESCAPE.COM AND STARRYID.COM WE ADVISE EVERYONE ELSE DOES THE SAME Videscape - Currenty in beta - is the internets leading independent video platform, leaving you with 100% of your rights, and paying out upto 100 times more than youtube in royalties. Sign up and experience the platform yourselves. 100% UNSIGNED 24/7 BROADCAST - LIVE EVERY NIGHT 19:00-22:00 SUNDAYS 16:00-22:00 GMT XRP Radio is committed to bringing you the best fresh, new music, comedy and drama from unsigned and independent artists, whether that's bands signed to indie labels with money to invest in studio time and promotion, or artists making tracks in their bedrooms using Cubase, Logic or a 4-track recorder, old-skool style. Whatever gets the freshest sounds from their ideas to your ears is cool with us. NB: XRP radio is a tiny, internet-only station run entirely by volunteers, with the sole aim of promoting unsigned and independent artists (since that's who we are). We have NO budget and cannot afford to have PRS, ASCAP or a similar agency come chase us for royalties. We must, therefore, have the full permission, in writing, of the holder or holders of the copyright, to be able to play your tracks on air. We prefer to avoid excessive gore, violence and swearing (a little of all of the above is okay if it is relevant to the narrative of a song, play or story, so long as we are advised of it, so we can issue a PG warning and/ or broadcast it after 9pm) and we must insist that there be no libel or hate speech in any material submitted for broadcast.



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