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Bio: Xombiewoof Magazine is a Independent Music and Entertainment Magazine with and Online Record Store with plans to offer the best in new artists and their music. We accept all music review requests and look for people to do articles about and bands to promote. Official Reverbnation Page for Xombiewoof Magazine: An Online Music and Entertainment Journal Read Worldwide - http://www.xombiewoof.com Xombiewoof Music and Entertainment Magazine is an Online Digital Journal for and about all music, fans, artists, performers and the music industry. Jazz, Rock, Metal, Blues, Classical - You Name it, We have it. Visit Us at http://www.xombiewoof.com/ & http://www.xombiewoof.blogspot.com/ As an online magazine for the arts and entertainment appreciating community by artists and entertainers, we will bring to our readers current and topical news and information, the latest industry news and material resources to excite our readers and make a positive difference in the way our readers get the information they want. As a “Grass Roots” Independent Publication, Xombiewoof Magazine is not supported by any major industry groups, and we offer advertising only to persons and businesses in our field of interest, Music - By doing so, we eliminate a sense of commercialism. We will be working to promote literacy programs and community events, as well as produce compilation albums to bring new performers to the light of day, improving a performer’s and groups’ ability to be noticed and appreciated and work to make Music Appreciation important to everyone. Visit our web site, http://www.xombiewoof.com/ - and our Blog:- http://www.xombiewoof.blogspot.com/ Our Group Page: - https://www.facebook.com/groups/444674102249660/ Music Reviews / Record Label Support: Interested in having us do a review of your album? Send us your Album / CD and we will review and help promote, if you are a label or artists management, we welcome your interest in promotions and letting our readers know about the artists you represent. Our Mailing address is: Xombiewoof Magazine 2156 Vista Elegante Santa Maria CA 93455 You can also submit digital material to us at our email xombiewoofmail@aol.com Please include Artist / Management or label contact information, Group / Artist Bio and images, All Links to retail or online sale locations, You may also include upcoming tour dates. Also See PROMOTIONS Info Listed Below: We have partnered with PR Companies, Promoters, Record Companies and Industry Leaders to get the most recent and up-to-date news for our readers and will continue to make connections that will give us the resources you ate looking for. Do you have a Product or Service you want reviewed by our journalist staff, we regularly review albums, demos, books, equipment, and materials related to music, musical instruments, and performance equipment. If you want your product or services reviewed or have questions about the reviewing process, you can contact us at reviewdesk@xombiewoof.com and we will send you the reception address where we can receive your product for review. All materials sent for Review are in general, not sent back so don’t send original recordings or master copies of your materials. Equipment sent for review may be sent back if review requester sends return shipping materials or labels. Review material is archived and will be held as part of the collected works project, we plan to open a Music Museum in 2020.



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