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224 S Erie St, Toledo, OH, US
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Capacity: 150

Bio: Woodchucks is Toledo's real home for Rock N Roll, Punk and Metal. Featuring only the best of local,and national touring acts.Its a business but but we love what we do and it shows. Live shows are Friday and Saturday nights, exceptions possible for some touring acts. Guide to bands doing shows at Woodchucks Generally Doors are at 9pm,Show begin at 10PM Bands are notified of their position in the lineup in advance.The order is decided at the promoters discretion, and is generally decided to benefit the touring acts. Shows are generally no more than 3 bands.Again this is at the discretion of the promoter and may be added to for special events Bands playing first can load in directly to the stage,please make an effort to hook up everything you can before your sound check. Later acts we have limited storage at the back and front of the bar, you can store your equipment inside the bar till show time. Support acts are generally asked to perform 30 to 40 minuets.Do not waste your stage time going out for smokes,taking a leak etc....Any attempt to go over your allot-ed time with out a go -ahead from the sound man acting on behalf of the promoter will be met with stiff resistance and you will be shut down. This is rude to the other bands playing with you and unless you packed the bar with 200 of your fans it will not be tolerated. Bands playing the ending time slot get virtually unlimited time to perform,with in limits of closing time of course. This is a benefit to playing the later slot. Woodchucks generally only books live bands for Saturdays and some Friday. Exceptions are rare but if you need a show on an weeknight or Sunday, you can ask. Woodchucks generally will not provide a guarantee to any band.Door charge is set by the promoter and generally runs $5.00 to $7.00 21 and older,$7-$9.00 under 21. Touring and out of town acts generally receive 60% of the door,with the remaining 40% being split with the local support acts. You are not charged for the soundman. Touring and out of town acts since you are given this preffered pay treatment we strongly encourage you to swap shows with our local Toledo area bands. We do keep tabs on that sorta thing and we are more likely to have you back if you treat our Toledo bands well. Local showcases you can expect the door to be split between all performing bands. Drink tickets are provided to bands.These tickets are provided by Woodchucks management and are given at the bars discrestion.Tickets are good for domestic beer , well drinks and soda.Your drinks maybe free but keep in mind Woodchucks staff makes thier living on tips,dont forget that. Guest lists are to be provided to the promoter 48 hours in advance of the show.Please bear in mind every person you let in for free impacts not only your money but the other bands as well.Anything beyond reasonable for a guest list will come directly out of your bands take for the night. Woodchucks holds all performers responsible for damage to the bars equipment,PA,Speakers,monitors,mics, stage, lights etc.... Anyone/any band damaging this equipment and or property will be held accountable and will have pay withheld and or equipment held until the cost of repair or replacement is re-couped. Woodchucks is one of Toledo's last remaining independant clubs to book and promote live ,original rock, punk,metal ect... groups We pride ourselves on sharing the music we love.We want your experience with Woodchucks and Toledo to be postive and enjoyable.We attract a wide cross section of people to Woodchucks, you will make new fans here. Woodchucks- Fans Guide to live shows. Generally Doors are at 9, Shows Begin between 10 - 10pm. Sure the bar is open earlier.If your in the bar and showtime is approaching you are paying to see the show. Most shows are $5.00, there are exeptions and sometimes admission maybe more.We are one Toledo best values in entertainment.No where else are you going to see the qaulity acts we bring in for under $10.00 a person. Do not bitch about paying cover,the bands entertaining you have the right to cover thier expenses for do so. We do not sell tickets in advance for shows. First come ,best seat in the house. Fighting will not be tolerated.We keep costs down by not contracting a security firm.Woodchucks and the folks that like a cool place to hear music will remove you for doing so. Destruction of Woodchucks ,performers , or patrons property will result in your removal form the premisis and the police called. Woodchucks reserves the right to refuse entry and service to anyone at anytime.No refunds If you have questions ask, if if it is stupid question we wont make fun of you until your out of earshot.



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