Umstead Park UCC

Raleigh, NC


8208 Brownleigh Dr, Raleigh, NC, US
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Capacity: 250 Age Limit: 18

Bio: If you're looking for the Umstead Park UCC building it's easy to drive past it because, if you don't already know better, you would never suspect this former warehouse is home to a UCC congregation. Remarkably, the same holds true if you enter through the main entrance into the public atrium of this award winning "green" building. To your left you'll find the architectural firm that retrofitted and transformed the building into an international LEED gold certification award winner for environmental and ecological responsibility. To your right you may discover UPUCC (which occupies the south side of the building) but only if you get close enough to a door to notice the church's name etched on the glass. The point is, at a UPUCC concert, there will be very little to remind you you're at a church and we like it that way. A previous concert guest put it this way, "All you self-professing heathens shouldn’t let the "church" part scare you away. We saw [Randall Bramblett] the last time he played there and it is a great place. The "room" he plays in was acoustically great, had comfy seats, and you could pretty much be in the front row - about 2 feet away from the stage." You may be wondering, "Why are we, a church, hosting public concerts?" Primarily because we have some music lover's amongst us and we've got a space that's almost ideal for music events. Also, concerts provide a fun way for us to be neighborly by inviting the community over to our 'house' to share something we all agree on and love—good music. UPUCC concerts are not functioning as a revenue-generating enterprise for the church. Financially, our goal is to sell enough tickets or collect enough in donations to pay the artists and cover expenses—and once we get our concert-hosting groove going we hope to present at lease four excellent concerts per year featuring nationally recognized artists. On concert nights especially, it will not be readily apparent that the room is used for church worship services so it will look and feel more like an small to medium open auditorium. One reason for this is we have no pews so your seat will be a comfortable chair. A convenient parking area circles the building so it will only be a few steps to the show. Of course our facility is entirely handicap accessible. Our concerts are intended for an adult audience and we want to maintain a "listening room" culture at our events. So even though we we love kids at UPUCC, unless otherwise noted, evening concerts are not appropriate events for small children. We believe and guests have commented that the atmosphere at UPUCC concerts is a friendly, laid back, and easy going vibe. After the lights dim and the show begins, the room's excellent sound system (tailored and installed by audio professionals to suit our space) turns the UPUCC venue into feeling more like an intimate "listening room" environment. Concert guests, new to our venue, have been pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of the room and we're confident you'll not be disappointed. Because our chairs are movable we can pull 'em up pretty close and personal around the stage. With quality sound and close-in seating, it's probably fair to say there's not a bad seat in the house.



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