The Winston Pub

Durban, ZN, ZA


9 Clark Rd, Durban, ZN, ZA
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Bio: The Winston pub I have owned the pub for the last 15 years and have turned it into an alternative institution a home for hardcore the punks and metal heads. A fun place to party get trashed meet cool friends and awesome music. We do not tolerate any untowardness, pretentiousness or bull shit. Seen a lot of the lads grew up many got fucked up by me if they misbehaved almost like an intituation to be accepted but as you can seethe pub is respected by all the true locals and they boast of the days they got a thrashing. We have hosted many top bands ie spermbirds, saron gas, boo, pestroy, a.o.a, roots, fuzzgish, diesel whores, sibiling rivaly, azeralo sorrow, love jones, crossing point, contrast the water, city bowl misers live jimmy presly, detach, not my dog, the narrow, the awaking, slash dogs, fruit fly navigators, jimmy 12 inch, sqeal and many more. We have hosted may big battle of the bands events hosted by wicked mike and witchdoctor records. The most successful being witchdoctor records which hosted all the top metal bands, we had the street closed up and the finals in the car park. Great street party. Most of the local Durban bands have played there first ever gigs at the pub. Ie. Steve from sibling was only 12 when he performedhis first show and I was blown away, sibling rivalry possibly where the most successful and hard working band that came out of Durban. And now they have all grown up and still gig together. The Winston pub being the only true underground alternative pub in Durban will always be the home for the altertive and we aim to see it have a long future. We have had many ups and downs but we always retain our image and reputation. Winston of the dead events hosted by jen Degan where very successful with all our top local metal bands< jen is all set to host another Winston of the dead in December which is a all day night event And we are sure that it will be a great success. Belinda baney the Winston pub owner



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