The Tavern

Ventura, CA


211 E Santa Clara St, Ventura, CA, US
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(805) 643-3264

Capacity: 800 Age Limit: 21

Bio: The Tavern at The Landmark 78 Restaurant is best known for it's mixology handcrafted cocktails, up scaled Americano menu , live entertainment, amazing happy hour.....and ghosts! The Landmark 78 was built in 1912, by a man named Carlo Hahn, who was a successful businessman and philanthropist in the Ventura community. The Carlo Hahn home remained a personal residence until 1971, when it was converted into a restaurant. There is a ghostly legend attached to the building that is now the Landmark 78 now The Tavern . The story goes, that a girl named Rosa, who died in or around this house. Supposedly, Rosa, as was the custom for many of the girls of her day, was being forced to marry a man that she did not love, and who happened to be much older than Rosa herself. The tale that has been passed down is that Rosa was actually in love with a young Italian man, who she entered into a steamy affair with. The affair led to a pregnancy, and out of despair and desperation, Rosa decided there was no other option for her but to escape her situation by ending her life. The legend tells that Rosa hung herself, and although it is not known exactly where this event occurred, many believe that her spirit wanders the Landmark 78 Restaurant. Come join us here at The Tavern, Open every day at 5pm till 2am. We offer happy hour from 5-8pm, half priced food and drink specials!



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