Lakewood, OH


11802 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, OH, US
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Capacity: 300 Age Limit: 18

Bio: In the late 1960 's John A. De Frasia opened Piccadilly Square Restaurant and was inspired to build a ship after watching the 1962 film " Mutiny on the Bounty" starring Marlon Brando- five times. MGM Studios had the blueprints for the ship sent from England to build a half scale replica of the HMS Bounty built inside Piccadilly Square Restaurant. He enlisted the help of a ship builder from Canada back in 1967 / 1968 and spent 2 1/2 months day and night building the half-size replica.The ship is made out of solid oak, corked and could have sailed however the bottom was never added because it had to rest on the floor of the restaurant.The ship also features a Captains Quarters and the wheel and rigging of the ship came from the Cleveland ship yards. The HMS Bounty was the focal point of the restaurant, a red carpet would lead up onto the ship and there were many marriages performed on the ship by an actual Captain. In 1973 the space reopened as the Phantasy Nite Club with the help of Hank Berger. Mr. De Frasia moved the two parts of the ship to open up the room and was positioned so that it looked like one was following the other..By the late 1970’s, The Phantasy Nite Club became known as the premier concert club for original underground live music, featuring well known legendary local bands such as The Adults, Lucky Pierre, The Exotic Birds, The Wild Giraffes, The Generators, The Dead Boys and many more. In 1982, Jim O’Brian opened up the former Homestead Theater (located beneath The Phantasy Nite Club) and renamed it as The Phantasy Theater. The Psychedelic Furs opened the first night. Through out the years the Phantasy Theater and The Phantasy Nite Club would become instrumental in helping local acts achieve national and international success including Nine Inch Nails, Richard Patrick (Filter) and Andy Kubiszewski of The Exotic Birds and Stabbing Westward. The Phantasy Theater has also hosted well known national stars such as the Thompson Twins, Public Image Ltd, Iggy Pop, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Megadeth, Faith No More, The Butthole Surfers, Motorhead and many many more. The Phantasy Nite Club continues to be owned and operated by the De Frasia family and remains as one of the longest lasting music venues dedicated to supporting the local music scene in the Northeast Ohio area.



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