The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts...

Middletown, CT


South Main Street, Middletown, CT, US
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Capacity: 50

Bio: Mission The purpose of NEAR Inc. is to support the creative activities and endeavors of artists and potential artists; to create a forum, context and space for artistic, cultural, creative, and educational experience in Middletown, and to serve as a center for community activity in Middletown’s North End. NEAR Inc.’s goals are: * To provide support to local artists, amateurs, students and others interested in exploring their capacity for self-expression and communication by offering them a facility, institutional support,funding, workshops, performance/exhibit opportunities and other artistic support. * To provide artistic and other cultural experiences and programs that are accessible, participatory and unique, and to provide these experiences for audiences in the North End, Middletown, and Central Connecticut and beyond. * To serve residents of the North End of Middletown by offering cultural programs, stimulating interaction and community, enhancing commerce and creating a community/cultural drop-in center. * To carry on such other related artistic, cultural, creative, or educational activities as may be necessary or appropriate in connection therewith.



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