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540 Howard St, San Francisco, CA, US
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Bio: Temple promises to bring quality & integrity back to the Bay Area scene, with a venue that is run by artists, for artists. Temple is doing progressive, sustainable things both internally and in the community. Internally, we are focusing on conserving our waste and energy efficiency. Externally- we are educating our community on how to go green. Dedicated to the education, preservation and evolution of the electronic music scene, our business provides a functional, flexible and creative work environment for everybody that truly believes in social responsibility, forward thinking and a passion for the environment. We have an 89% diversion from landfill – or 9/10 of the waste that leaves our building is either recycled or composted! Only 10% goes in the black bins. With over 2,500 people coming through our doors every week, this is extremely impressive! Not only does our waste management help the planet, but we save a lot of money and are helping other clubs and restaurants in the city to properly manage their trash. At Temple, our values drive us to create a space that has a minimum negative environmental impact. Combining innovation with environmental awareness, all our events are "low to zero" waste, with no petroleum-based products, and soon, paperless promotion. All of our cups and straws are corn based and biodegradable. All the kitchen grease is reused to make fuel. Temple features three rooms, three dance floors, and unlimited possibilities. 20,000 sq ft | 3 Levels | 3 Dance Floors | 6 Bars | 4 VIP Rooms WWW.TEMPLESF.COM



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