St. Lucy Fall Festival / Classic Car...

Long Beach, CA


2344 Cota Avenue, Long Beach, CA, US
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Capacity: 750

Bio: The St. Lucy Fall Festival is a two day event featuring live entertainment and good food. Located in the heart of West Long Beach, south of Willow St., a few blocks north of Cabrillo High School - Many Southern California bands with the likes of Broken Bread, Rise, and Fatsleepers became a regular performer. Started off as a church fundraiser is now operated by the PTO (St. Lucy school) to raise fund for their school program and expenses. With the economic hardship of the early 2000, the festival was originally called the Lite Festival to recall our patron St. Lucy who is the patron saint to the blind and was a 3 day festival that began on Friday. The festival was one of the major fundraiser for the church/school until the recession. The Lite Festival prior to the financial collapse of our economy were filled with rides to attract the youth and family of our communities. Due to the hardship, the one time big fundraiser of the church/school could no longer sustain the use of rides or rollercoaster that many of the nearby church carnival has. As an alternative, the PTO decided the use of Jumpers in place of the normal amusement rides and concentrated on other alternatives to attract people. However, due to the changes - the attendance suffered greatly. Where the carnival would generate 25K was generating 3K after the decision not to have the rides any longer. Due to the drastic decline of attendance, the one time prestigious St. Lucy Lite Festival was endangered of shutting down until 4 years ago when the PTO concentrated much of its attraction on food and entertainment. To the likes of the Christian band Rise who was the very first band to ever perform in the festival became a mainstay in the festival. The following year, Broken Bread and Zero Period participated and now has built up a portfolio of bands including Juliet and Fatsleepers who performed in 2012. The Fall Festival which is now called, now has attained the foundation which is likely to grow year after year. Due to the growing numbers of bands willing to contribute to the cause of helping the school and curricular program, the one time troubled festival is now making headway. In 2011, the festival had raised 3K which is merely enough to sustain it. In 2012, the festival had raised 10K. In 2013, we are hoping to eclipse that by putting in Rocktober Fest. - a non stop music fest. showcasing many Southern California bands and entertainers. Battle of the DJ's and the Harvest Queen which made its debut in 2012 is now part of the Fall Festival.



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