Seattle Living Room Shows

Seattle, WA


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Capacity: 60 Age Limit: 21

Bio: Seattle Living Room Shows is an unique way to see a live concert. All shows take place in a home setting where you will be face to face with some of the best up and coming musicians from around the country. We provide an intimate setting for both musician and listener which we feel brings the music back to where it should be. Raw, emotional, powerful and exposed. Every musician that we have had so far has said that the living room experience is one of their favorite ways to perform. The people that come through our doors say it is their favorite way to see live music. If you haven't attended one of our shows yet, you most definitely should. We typically do one show per month so that we can really showcase the musician(s) and build excitement for each and every show. Please contact us if you are interested in performing at or attending a living room show. Our shows "sell out" FAST, so get your tickets ahead of time! We are currently scheduling out the living room shows for spring and summer of 2010.



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