Right Choice Ministries (RCM Youth ...

Hagerstown, MD


20204 Old Forge Rd, Hagerstown, MD, US
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Capacity: 200

Bio: Mission Statement The mission of "Right Choice Ministries" is to establish a spiritual and social retreat, providing opportunities for Christian fellowship among the youth of our community with the purpose of promoting Christian values through education and recreation, helping youth to be better prepared to make the "right choices" in their lives. Goals To provide a safe place for Christian youth to go and grow in their faith so they are able to make the right choices in their lives. To allow youth to participate in group and individual activities, gaining social and personal confidence. To encourage the Christian youth to reach out and connect with non-believing youth, so they can learn what God has to offer in their lives. To help build a strong foundation for the moral and spiritual growth and development among the youth of the community. To work with local churches and non-profit organizations to find creative ways to reach the youth of our community and help them experience the love of Christ and develop a personal relationship with Him.



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