Revohloo Studios, Inc.

Las Vegas, NV


8275 South Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, NV, US
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Capacity: 1000000000

Bio: What is a Revohloo? INTERACTIVE MULTIPLE VERSION MUSIC VIDEO, (I.M.V.M.V). Our mission at Revohloo is to reinvent the method, production, distribution, marketing and sale of Music Video Entertainment, along with the creation of a "New and Exciting Music Video Product" built for Artist and designed for Fans". Utilizing our disruptive and patent pending - Interactive Multiple Version Music Video Technology Revohloo is partnering directly with independent artists in effort to become the new standard in interactive digitally delivered music video entertainment. Revohloo Studios and the Artists we partner with, will be first in position to capitalize on a unique and fully monetized “New Music Video Entertainment Business Model". Revohloo is reinventing all aspects of music video entertainment, from creation to monetization, by partnering with artists, directors and producers, in some cases Revohloo will even fund the production of artist IMVMV or Revohloo with no recoupment clause required by Revohloo. This is a revolution, Revohloo is also partnering with directors in effort to encourage the adoption of our technology Revohloo is offering Directors and Producers the opportunity to share Revohloo’s portion of the revenue, in effort to create a self sustainable and vibrant digital music industry. ~Artist Benefits~ •Offer Fans a superior compelling Music Video Entertainment Experience. •Engage Fans longer with a more content, 256 unique Revohloo's of one Music Video. •Grow and expand your fan base. •Increase your avg. total number of views by 2-3X. •Earn 2-3X more revenue with Revohloo. •No cost to Artists. ~Fans Benefits~ For more than 30 years, the MTV era music video has remained the industry standard... But today with Revohloo... •Fans can create an amazing 256 unique versions of 1 Music Video. •Fans can easily share music Revohloo's and Artists get Paid. •Fans can add #Tag & Comments when sharing. •Fan inspired and designed Music Video Entertainment + social media platform, where fans can explore and create deeper bonds with the Music Video and Artist they LOVE. •Fans enjoy Revohloo for FREE.



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