POPS Resale

Lexington, KY


1423 Leestown Road, Lexington, KY, US
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Bio: POPS Resale opened in May of 1996. We began presenting live music in 1997. In around 2006, we obtained a sound system along with several pieces of stage from Heritage Hall in downtown Lexington after their remodeling. We have presented almost every genre of music here. Content is not policed EXCEPT that, since we are a retail store, we want content to be family-friendly, especially when it comes to F-bombs and such. Our stage setup has mic stands, boom stands, mics, cables of most varieties, 3 audience monitors, 3 stage monitors, and lots of extra goodies in case of emergency. Our shows generally take place on Saturday afternoons as that is our peak traffic time. In addition to music, we have a large selection of vintage clothing, old school video games and game systems (nothing much newer than PS-1), vintage toys, gently used stereo gear, and assorted stuff that strikes our fancy.



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