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Vancouver, WA


Main St, Vancouver, WA, US
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Bio: Today, youth have access to and are as fascinated with previous generations' icons as they are with modern culture. Our 16 year olds are listening to Jimi Hendrix with the same fervor as the generation who saw him play live. A 22 year old will watch classic cinema as if it were made by friends. The decor and feel of Pop Culture is an intentional hodgepodge of styles, playing together to express the beauty and art of our cultural elements. Youth culture has a voice – and we have space – space for them to sing, play, speak their ideas into reality, and room to let those ideas develop into unique and impressive shows. Our ongoing success is founded on giving ownership of the shows over to the musicians. There's free reign to program, promote, and tailor their shows – so it's a reflection of them, not some adultified, cleaned up, commercial version of them. It's not all just about youth, though. At the shop, we see gen Xer's, Y's and Millennial's along with the boomers and the greatest generation grabbing a dog and a soda, swapping memories and listing to American music with equal appreciation. Every time people visit us, they see a different group of people. The best productions, be it movies, music or any art form are the ones that continually reveal more with each experience. We hope you discover something new every time you come to the shop.



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