Gorizia, GO, IT


Via Marega, 14, Gorizia, GO, IT
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Capacity: 300

Bio: In the same way like all the best things happen, PIEFFE FACTORY has came about by chance. Nobody would never ever had imagined, that from an old, late-'80s-style dance pub, located in the suburbs of a tiny border city like Gorizia, a music club will start taking roots and become, in such a brief time, a respected place for both the Italian and foreign underground music scenes.PIEFFE FACTORY is the concrete result of two very good friends, who have chosen (early, maybe just unconsciously) to shape their way of life through music and other artistic expressions, facing hard decisions and making sacrifices, which barely get paid back easily. A brave project carried out with devotion and cleverness, whose main intent is to back up and give its contribution to the musical, artistic and cultural scenes, which despite being followed by younger generations, gain much recognition from the older audience of music lovers. That's why PIEFFE FACTORY has quickly turned up in a meeting place for friend, people of all ages with the passion for playing music, going on concerts, riding a sk8board or those, who just simply like hanging out, having some beers in good company.



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