NRoute Entertainment Music Series

North Platte, NE


221 Halligan Dr, North Platte, NE, US
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Capacity: 300

Bio: Nroute Entertainment Summer Music Series at Fort Cody Trading Post We invite you to book a performance with us and help us to build North Platte’s live music scene. Our philosophy is to offer artists en route to weekend gigs a place to play on an off-night, while receiving room and board, and a little monetary compensation. We continue the “en route” theme by bringing conveniently located entertainment to travelers on their way to their destinations. General Information • Performances are scheduled every Thursday, 6pm to 9pm at the Fort Cody Trading Post, a local landmark located at the junction of Interstate 80 and Highway 83, in the midst of our cluster of restaurants and hotels. • These are outdoor performances. We don’t have an alternate location in case of inclement weather, so the performances will be cancelled. • If you need sound equipment to be provided for you, please send a spec sheet as soon as you are booked into the series. • We will schedule local openers (who will play for tips). If you are providing your own sound equipment, these openers would need to use your sound equipment. Your performance will be 7pm to 9pm, approximately two 45 minute sets.



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