Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon

Houston, TX


11410 Hempstead Highway, Houston, TX, US
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Capacity: 1400 Age Limit: 21

Bio: The once thriving ballroom and concert venue known as the Esquire Ballroom is now Neon Boots Dancehall and Saloon. Built in 1955 by Raymond Proske, the Esquire was home to many well known act of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Most notable is Willie Nelson, where he was offered a job by house performer Larry Butler after Nelson asked him to listen to a few songs he had wrote including one called “Crazy.” Nelson, desperate for money offered the songs for $10 each. Butler knowing that these songs were “too good” instead offered Nelson a $50 loan and job performing with his band. One night during his commute from Pasadena to The Esquire, Nelson wrote the song “Night Life” about working at the bar. Another well know performer was Patsy Cline, in fact the Broadway musical “Always…Patsy Cline” takes part in the historical bar when she had a chance encounter with a fan and it chronicles her evening with the fan when Cline fears she may not be able to fill the ballroom with a large crowd. Many other infamous acts performed at the club including, George Jones, Charlie Pride, Jim Reeves and many more. Neon Boots has set aside a separate bar dedicated to this history called the Esquire Room. The room showcases various performers and Esquire memorabilia. Since the Esquire closed in 1995, it has been several other ventures and bars that have come and gone. The new owners have completely restored the building and upgraded its features. The new dancehall features a huge dance floor and performance stage, nine bar stations, a beer barn, table service, expansive outdoor area with deck and patio. The owners also anticipate installing a mechanical bull, sand volleyball court and horse shoes for outside in the yard. Neon Boots is a premier venue for bands to play. If you are a band who is respectful of the LGBT community please get in touch with us about playing at our venue. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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