Murray Hill Theatre

Jacksonville, FL


932 Edgewood Avenue South, Jacksonville, FL, US
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Capacity: 600

Bio: Please refer to the Booking section of our website www.mhtrocks.com to find out about our booking process. We are primarily looking for LOCAL (within 90 miles of Jacksonville, FL) area bands/artists who want to communicate HOPE & positive messages through their music and art. We normally reserve our stage for Christian artists but will entertain general market bands on a case-by-case basis provided their material and merchandise is generally positive and does NOT contain profanity, overt sexual references or innuendo, glamorize illicit activity such as drug use, and doesn't directly contradict our core Christian beliefs. We receive numerous requests for spots on our stage and it takes time to review each submission, again we ask for your patience during this process. If you do not receive a response it may be that we do not have a spot or may not be interested.



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