MIles R Bar

Hutchinson, KS


1321 E 4th Ave, Hutchinson, KS, US
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Capacity: 140

Bio: Miles R Bar is Located 45 minutes from Wichita Ks. Also, centralized in Kansas. 4 hours from KC and Lawerence. I have owned the bar for nearly a year in Oct. Booking request contact MIles Everhart. I have a small stage and it's lovely setting for people to hear live music. I have many styles of music that I will book. I have had Hemlock, BlueFelix, Saul, Hear Kitty Kitty, KnockOutKids, Heart Set Self Destruct, GunPowderSecrets. I have local bands playing here every month. Terminals, TrueIllusion, BeneathTheBurningSun,SpaceBetween,BreakPointMethod,BlacktopBully,InTheTrenches,DeadArmadillo,KingShifter,BledBonedry,222,FrakturedBlack,DuffyMcGee,MelodyKings,MethHorse,BrutallyFrank. If I have missed on the locals sorry... Full bar and liquor available. Stage and small PA.



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