Marbletucky Inn

Lakeside Marblehead, OH


189 Bridge Road, Lakeside Marblehead, OH, US
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Capacity: 80 Age Limit: 21

Bio: Our goal is sensory overload for both the fans as well as the band! We are creating a venue that has visual, audio, taste, and smell elements. Our mission is to take both the fans & the band back to the roots of Americana music. Back to the old South with the Juke Joints and BBQ Barns. The walls are murals depicting the Carolina Low Country; the stage is the porch of a sharecropper's house; our food is of the old South. Our sound system is state of the art with quality of sound being the emphasis over volume of sound.Southern Hospitality resounds, everyone has a seat, a waitress & an unobstructed view. There is no standing room. We have succeeded if both fans & bands want to come back for more! The Marbletucky Inn will preserve the rich traditions of creativity available everywhere whether it be preparing amazing dishes using all fresh natural ingredients, a painter sharing his vision, or a live band composing, every time they play, a unique pallet of love & creativity. Every artisan no matter what the genre all possess great creativity, imagination and a means to express these gifts. These different gifts of love deserve to be preserved as well as showcased!



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