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Age Limit: 18

Bio: Sarah Saldana is an American Photographer and Graphic Designer/Artist she utilizes several software programs to bring a new influential style. Combining design, paint and photography in which she’s able to bring forth this new style. Sarah was born in Montebello, California on October 13th, 1975. Sarah and her family moved from Montebello to El Monte when she was in fourth grade. During this time her mother was a caregiver and Sarah watched and learned from her mother’s ways and placing her life on hold for a very long time in order to care for her grandmother. She attended college and continued to go the path of which she had been raised on. But it wasn’t until her grandmother has passed away when she realized her life didn’t have to be on hold anymore. She was influenced by many of her family members which were musically talented, her step-father who played the trumpet and her uncle who played the harmonica as well as piano. Growing up these influences played a big role in the decisions she makes today with regards with working in and with the Entertainment business. At age 13-14, she toured with Alvin Taylor a close friend of the family who she met at a local church. She also met Rob Mc Donald, Vincent Bonham, TA TA Vega, Leon Patillo who not only influenced the genre of Gospel music in her life but continued to be the greatest musically talented impact in her life. She always wanted to be a part of the music industry but felt that she was better off keeping her singing to the showers. She figured a way to stay connected with music and continue to peruse her goals which was that of a Graphic Designer/Artist. So she would stay on the computer for hours learning the new and latest software programs and ideas. Through much practice she has been able to design websites, CD’s business cards, flyers, and much more and continues to touch lives with her gift. Sarah Saldana states that “I’m a dream builder the more I believe in my dream the more others will see that it doesn’t take much to believe in their own”.



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