Jazz vs. Blues Battle of the Bands

Dallas, TX


909 1st Ave, Dallas, TX, US
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Bio: The Jazz/Blues Battle of the Bands is a fundraiser for the homeless in Dallas, Texas and all proceeds from the event will go toward the purchase of a new house to use as a transitional location for those trying to re-establish their lives. We offer programs to help them reinvent themselves by assisting them with Low Cost Start-up businesses that will create income for those having trouble getting a job because of their background. Your participation is important in order to make the purchase of a new home a reality. All participants are considered sponsors, and will be recognized as such on our website through media support, social networks, and a plaque within the home itself. We want the people who will use this facility to know how we all came together to make sure they would get another chance at life. As participants, you will have the opportunity to win monetary prizes. 1st Place $1,000 2nd Place $500 3rd Place $250 The winners will receive a plaque to show our appreciation for your participation. Each participants name, website, and web links will be added to the site and all other social networking sites to help promote the event. You can help us promote the event and make extra cash at the same time with our Affiliate Program. Our Affiliate Program gives each artist the opportunity to sell tickets for the event, receive 10% of their tickets sales, and help promote the event at the same time. Stack the deck! Tell all of your friends and use all of your social networks to sell tickets. The more tickets you sell gives you a better time slot. The bands who sell the most tickets by the day of the fundraiser by 3 p.m. will fill the best time slots. Regarding tickets, tickets are being sold on and http://divinekinshipinc.doodlekit.com/home . You may send your attendees to our website to purchase tickets. The link is on the home page and within the menu at the top of the page under "Tickets." We will pay you through PayPal and Eventbrite pays us. Your payment from tickets will be forwarded to your PayPal account within 7 to 10 days after event. Time slots assignments for the bands who have sold the most tickets 30 days prior to the event will receive notification regarding their time slot assignments by April 15, 2012. All other band time slots will be determined and bands will be notified within the week prior to the event. We will update time slots on the website by April 15, 2012. http://www.eventbrite.com/affiliate-register?eid=1202912945&affid=12210631



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