Jagger Club

St.Petersburg, RU


Russia, St. Petersburg, Constitution square, house 2, St.Petersburg, RU
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Bio: The venue Jagger Club is a new city legend, the arena with a unique Rock'n'Roll format. Every day, the club organizes live shows inviting the best Rock, Blues and Jazz bands from all over the world. Jagger is a wonderfull combination of the restaurant, the own brewery and the concert venue with the best light and sound equipment in St.Petersburg. As well as every day, tonight visiting The Jagger Club you have an opportunity to chill enjoying a glass of brand live beer sitting at a table where yesterday some true Rock'n'Roll superstar could have a delishious dinner. And who knows maybe it is YOU who are going to sit right next to some world famous legend of rock tonight.



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This venue doesn't have any upcoming shows.