Fertile Ground: New Music & Art Series

New York, NY


5th Ave, New York, NY, US
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Capacity: 250

Bio: Fertile Ground: A Brief History In the Fall of 2009, a group of producers & performers got together and decided to start a new artists’ showcase in Harlem, New York. While there were already dozens of well-advertised showcase events taking place in the big city, one of the major reasons behind their idea came from a common realization. They felt there was a lack of platforms for artists to truly take their songs, poems, spoken word, hip-hop verses, and various other creative ideas and present them to an audience for the first time, with a live professional band, without having to worry about the expense of hiring one. With this in mind, and after some more planning, “Fertile Ground” debuted in October of ‘09. “Fertile Ground” is a unique and inspiring display of fresh talent and new faces. In a town where so much music & art is going on, it’s not surprising to see some of the same people up on various stages; with F.G. many of the artists are local and still in development. The audience has a chance to see tomorrow’s creators at the beginning of their journey to artistic achievement. Hosted by singer/songwriter Olamide Faison (formerly of R&B Group Imajin), the show’s band is headed by brilliant musician & industry veteran Bert Price, and includes some of New York City’s most accomplished players. The “Fertile Ground” stage is a part of the complex at Barbara Ann Teer’s National Black Theatre, located off of Harlem’s famed 125th Street (on the corner of 125th & 5th Avenue). It is the hope of the “Fertile Ground” collective that the showcase will grow in music and popularity, and such growth begins with YOU. If the 2nd Thursday evening of the month is an evening you have free, come down to the Nat’l Black Theater on 125th around 7:30pm to experience one of the coolest shows in the city. If food & drink help to sweeten the pot, there’s plenty at the concession stand. In the end, we know that you will enjoy everything you hear & experience; this is the essence of the “Fertile Ground” experience.



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