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Capacity: 150 Age Limit: 21

Bio: This page is for promotional use for Clash@Events only. Any booking request to this page will likely be missed or ignored. Clash@Events is a monthly event inspired by larger music festivals such as South By Southwest, ACL Music fest, and Coachella, where many genres of high caliber bands are put on the same stage. Clash@Events breaks the traditional mold of small club events of having a headlining band with opening bands in the same genre, but instead features higher caliber bands in multiple genres playing the same night. Clash@Events was also created to support the local “original” music scene in Mansfield, OH that was highly overlooked by other venues. The event was also inspired by clubs in London, England, where bands played till midnight then the club turned into a dance club. Clash@Events typically finishes off with an EDM DJ. MANSFIELD, OHIO INFORMATION: Mansfield, OH is approximately 80 miles southwest of Cleveland and 66 miles northeast of Columbus. The Mansfield, OH Metropolitan Statistical Area has a population of 124,475 residents and has three colleges, Ohio State University regional branch, North Central State College and Ashland University. Clash@Events tends to draw people with an interest in diverse music and an appreciation for culture and art. Since the starting in June 2012, attendance has been between 60 to 140 and the average attendance is steadily climbing. The maximum capacity varies accordingly to each venue. Starting in 2013, Clash@Events moved to Friday nights instead of Thursday and the attendance has generally doubled. The overall caliber of crowd is great and the clubs have great ambiance. A band from as far as Texas played in August 2012 when they were having a mini-tour in northern Ohio, and they told us that it was the best show they played on their tour. INFORMATION FOR BANDS TO KNOW: Band compensation depends on if there is a door charge and/or fixed per-determined event amount paid by the venue, and is split between the bands, DJ and the event photographer. In addition to the compensation, all bands receive drink deals and digital photographs of their performance that they can use for their own online promotions & press kits. Merchandise sales is also encouraged and bands of course keep all profits. Bands receive photos provided by Pic By Paris of their performance typically within two weeks after the show. Photos can by used for online promotions and press kits. BOOKING CRITERIA: Genres: Original music of Alternative, Indie, Rock, Punk, Metal, Blues, Americana, Folk, Pop, Hip Hop, Electronica, Ambient and Experimental. To allow us to promote the show properly, bands must have an actual Facebook band page (not an individual page). Also, bands must have recorded music available to play online, videos are even better. PRO AUDIO EQUIPMENT Karma Nightclub Mains - 2 x Yorkville NX55P Powered Speakers 550 Watts –Ceiling Mounted, Yorkville Elite LS801PB Powered Subwoofer 750watt rms Clash@Events Mains- 2 x EV ELX215 Mains with 2x1300watt RMS QSC amp, RCF TTS28-A Powered Subwoofer 2000watt RMS Allen & Heath 16:2 MixWizard3 Sound board Whirlwind Snake 2 x DBX iEQ31 Dual 31 band EQs 2 x Sennheiser E945 Vocal Supercardiod Mics 2 x Sennheiser E935 Vocal Cardiod Mics 3 x Sennheiser E815s General Use Cardioid Mics 3 x SennHeiser e906 Guitar Amp/Instrument Supercardoid Mics 1 x AKG D12 Bass/Kick Mic 1 x AKG D112 2 x AKG C1000 S 4 x AKG C518 M Micro goose neck 2 x Electro-Voice TX1152FM Tour-X 15" Floor Monitors 1 x Radial ProD2 Passive 2 Channel DI Box 1 x Radial Pro Passive DI Box



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