Chicago Street Pub

Joliet, IL


75 North Chicago Street, Joliet, IL, US
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Capacity: 120 Age Limit: 21

Bio: Chicago Street Pub is a small music venue that has proudly held the title of Will Countys Premier Original Music Venue for almost 13 straight years. We have our own house PA, as well as a 12 inch high stage. The Stage dimensions are 9.5 X 12.5 and can be extended a little by adding a semicircular wedge to the front of the stage which opens up the area for the front man by giving a larger spot for the monitor and mic stand. The room itself is very lively and the music bounces wonderfully off the brick walls. Over the 12 years we have been having music we have tried it all. While some styles fit better than others, we pride ourselves on keeping an open mind with new bands. As of this moment we are not having any trouble filling our spots, but we feel that it never hurts to branch out. This is why we are proud to be members of the local Reverb Nation community.



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