Chamberlin Productions

Bozeman, MT


PO BOX 1321, Bozeman, MT, US
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Bio: Chamberlin productions is moving forward using a dynamic group of students, volunteers, businesses and artists to further the community in appreciation and involvement with the arts. Yearly growth of each event in scope and audience is geared to empower the involved artistic community and expose live entertainment to a previously uninvolved population. We hope to bring music and expression to a new level by building interest and continually reintegrating new concepts into our arsenal. This arsenal will serve well as we descend upon the world like platinum-fisted pterodactyls, dropping artistic carpet-bombs carrying the seed of expression and social conglomeration. We shall continue crushing underfoot the banality of average events, flying high the mighty banner of unconventional creativity and blasting our mighty war horns across the battlefields of entertainment.



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