Bummz Beach Cafe

Myrtle Beach, SC


2002 North Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC, US
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843 916 9111

Capacity: 325

Bio: Bummz Beach Cafe is the best kept secret in Myrtle Beach! Hands down, Bummz is every musicians favorite place to play in Myrtle Beach. There's nothing better than looking at the ocean, surrounded by good people, and playing music into the night! There's a reason Bummz is the Locals Favorite hangout! You feel right at home and there's no better place to spend your day! For musicians that are interested in playing at Bummz, Don't be discouraged if you don't get a response to your inquiry. I am not the fella who books the bands at Bummz. I'm the beachside Bartender and I want people to be able to see who's playing at my bar everyday. I will pass your requests along to the booking agent; and from there, we hope to see you at some point! Keep in mind, Bummz is not only a beach front bar, but we have many families that visit us every day. Lyrical content and Style is very important, so for the Metal and Hip/Hop artists who are interested, We love your music! Thank you for your interest, but you may be a little to awesome for Bummz. We only get as loud as a Jimi Hendrix solo, other than the Classics, we're kinda a chill place were your more likely to hear Bob Marley, Sublime, Jack Johnson and John Mayer kind of Tunes.



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