Beneath The Rug

Salt Lake City, UT


740 E 1700 S, Salt Lake City, UT, US
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Capacity: 400

Bio: I am anouncing the begining of a new venue here in salt lake city. One that actually provides bands with the chance to earn some real money. My name is kaleb wilson, my vision is to help the local music scene in the area florish more than it has with in the past decade. My idea is to let bands decide how much tickets will cost for THEIR show. So in the end after the presale procces for tickets is complete i only ask $75.00 in return instead of the average $200.00 other local venues charge before you make any money. So lets say you make 200.00$ in presale for only $5.00 a ticket you sold 40 tickets: you keep $125.00. A simple equation. Price of tickets X Amount sold - venue costs $75.00= Your payment



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