Beale Street Barber Shop ~ B*S*B*S

Wilmington, NC


616 Castle Street, Wilmington, NC, US
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Capacity: 100

Bio: Beale Street Barber Shop (B*S*B*S) is unlike any barber shop in the area. B*S*B*S is a unisex barber shop, vintage retail space, music venue and art gallery located in Wilmington, North Carolina. The shop takes its name from the original Beale Street in Memphis, TN, which is considered the birthplace of rock and roll. Owned and operated by master barber music veteran Mark Sinnis, B*S*B*S combines classic Americana with modern rock and roll in a venue that attracts young and old alike. Men can "come in and feel like a King" with a haircut and old-fashioned shave that includes a cooling face wash, hot towels, hot shaving cream and a face moisturizer. Ladies finally have a place to go for services unlike their mom's salon. A destination for local and regional artists, B*S*B*S will also highlight the talents of painters and photographers on its gallery walls, musicians on its stage, and offer artists a place to sell their work. Check out our selection of vintage retail and attend our quarterly gallery openings, featuring 2 artists every three months.



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