Bayou Concerts

Austin, TX


Address provided on confirmation of reservation, Austin, TX, US
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Capacity: 30

Bio: Bayou Concerts is a house concert venue in Round Rock, Texas. We provide an enjoyable and intimate house concert venue for local and touring artists. Our house concerts are private, invitation-only concerts in our home, and we do not profit from the event. We usually suggest a donation of $15, all of which goes to the artist. Because they are by invitation only, our house concerts require an RSVP. If you have never been to one of our events, you may obtain directions to our venue once you have obtained a reservation. To get directions, you can send an email to: RSVP@BayouConcerts.com or call 512-763-RSVP (7787) Visit our website http://www.BayouConcerts.com for up to date information.



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