AMP Independent Television

Corcoran, CA


1001 Whitley Ave, Corcoran, CA, US
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Bio: Prepare for the Media Revolution, AMP Independent Television is here! AMP Independent Television is the world’s first 24-Hour Music Television Station. AMP stands for Aspiring Music Performers because they are our Audience, our Advertisers, and it is what we are. More than that, AMP is an organized Rebellion against all that has become of the Entertainment Industry and the Mainstream Media, which have left musicians and music lovers to the whim of corporate interest. No Longer!. AMP Independent Television allows any Band or Artist to submit their Music Video, for free, to be played On the Air. Let’s kick it up a notch though. AMP will actually help those artists get paid for their Music Video to play. BAM! AMP will play the real music out there from the warriors in the trenches of Rock n’ Roll; the heroes who rock out the local bar or backyard party every weekend, then get up to go grind out a living every Monday for The Man. This is what Rock is all about, and AMP Independent Television is going to show it to the world. AMP’s High Energy VJ’s deliver a constant stream of New Music Videos to viewers every day, and AMP’s raw, urban feel relates to today’s audience in a way that has never been possible before. Live Viewer interaction via on-screen chat and video calls allow AMP to physically interact with the audience in real-time, and with AMP’s Mobile Application viewers can take AMP with them wherever they go. Viewers will find that they can interact with AMP as no other Station before. On-screen Applications allow viewers to Rate the Music Video they are watching, leave a comment for the Artist, or even Bookmark the Video so they can view it again later. Live chat will allow viewers to communicate with the show hosts, and make the audience part of the show. Never again will Television be the same. The Media Revolution has begun, AMP Independent Television is here.



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