Bay Area Block Report

Oakland, CA


7801 Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA, US
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Capacity: 10000

Bio: About Us Bay Area Block Report Advertising and TV Commercials This is real industry operations at its best. If you’re looking to take your music career and business to the main stream, we can do it for you,” Tim Lewis, director of Advertising and Promotion for the Bay Area Block Report, said. “With our newly opened regional office in Walnut Creek, the Bay Area Block Report has a firm grip on the local and regional music scene and is not letting go anytime soon.” The 360 Media Package gives the client a platform to perform digitally and physically in Internet marketing, network TV advertising and branding. This package offers affordable rates that have unlocked doors for local and independent artists to receive more media and advertising exposure nationwide. Multimedia Marketing Advertising and Promotions provide the following services: single releases, full-length album releases, music videos and worldwide digital distribution, with 30-second TV spots on BET, MTV or VH1 local/regional placement. In addition, the packages feature a month on the Bay Area Block Report’s Top 10 Video Countdown/YouTube Channel, live radio promotional interviews on FM radio and other promotional aspects. The 360 Media Package is the ideal promotion tool for artist record labels. This power packed marketing tool helps promote the artist, build regional demand and move a digital, physical product. “There is absolutely nothing a major label can do for today’s independent artists that they cannot achieve independently on their own,” Lewis said. “The days of selling CDs out of the trunk of your car are long gone. The game is now all about digital media. The concept is easy, ‘build product demand by utilizing the mainstream media as the fundamental platform for your product at all stages of development.’ The idea is to keep your product totally visible in the digital world. The extraordinary way these companies have merged together and redefined the ‘co-op’ approach for interdependent artist and record labels is a breath of fresh air to Indie music and local businesses nationwide.” For more information about any of Bay Area Block Report’s services, or to speak to a representative, call 1-877-448-4845, Be sure to check out the Bay Area Block Report TV commercials on the web at www.bayareablockreport.com. Bay Area Block Report’s regional offices are located at



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