Eindhoven, NB, NL


71 Stratumseind, Eindhoven, NB, NL
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+31 40 23 43 99

Capacity: 280

Bio: Altstadt Eindhoven is … a general understanding in the Dutch city of lights. Something like that? Much more than that! Quite a lot is happening in that monumental building on the ‘world famous’ street Stratumseind. Most important is music, in all shapes and sizes, and preferably live. Besides the fact that Altstadt is a cozy, warm, super cool and hot cafe / bar, you can enjoy a good concert several times a week. (Foundation) Stichting Altstadt Live is responsible for the bookings in Altstadt Eindhoven. We strive to get both new talent and acclaimed artists on stage. You can find a variety of great bands on our podium, coming from the region or way beyond. From indie to rock, through to psych and electropop … As long as it’s cool! One day you’ll find HAEVN playing live, the talented formation that was discovered after having created the sound for Volvo and BMW commercials in 2015. The next day there’s Sparky with his Demented Are Go. These guys, in their fifties already, are the founders of the genre Psychobilly way back in the 80’s. Even more out of the box is De Likt, probably playing every Dutch festival in 2016. Something totally different; The Slow Show with their unique layered and epic indie sound. During our free Saturday night Live you can enjoy new and talented bands. Our promoters select acts which most likely break through in the nearby future. For example, we’ve had The Brahms, Indian Askin, The Great Communicators and Lakshmi. Rather catchwords? We’ll list some for you: Concerts | DJs | dancefloor | soccer | pool tables | special beers | terrace | pub | music | coziness | 7 days a week … and then all the things we do not know about …



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