Wealthy Theatre

Grand Rapids, MI


1130 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI, US
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Capacity: 400

Bio: Wealthy Theatre is more than a single venue: we are a composite of many spaces, which can be used in combination or separately: Peter Wege Auditorium Capacity 400 persons, seven barrier-free Barrier-free sections in several locations. The Koning Micro-Cinema Capacity 60 persons, four barrier-free Additional images: Angle from apron Community Meeting Room Capacity 20 persons, all barrier-free West Lobby Art & Reception Space Capacity 50 persons, all barrier free Front Studio Space at 1110 Wealthy SE Multipurpose Studio Space (Dance, Meetings, etc.) FACILITIES: General Info The Main Theatre is the primary space at 1130 Wealthy SE and generally known as "Wealthy Theatre" proper. This 400-seat space is also referred to asPeter Wege Auditorium Mr. Wege's generous gifts helped to renovate and re-open the facility, along with the grassroots efforts of SEED (Southeast Economic Development). The Main Theatre was constructed in the Vaudeville era, renovated in the late 20th Century and upgraded extensively in 2007. For more information about the history of Wealthy Theatre, please visit our Theatre History page! The Koning Micro-Cinema is the secondary space at 1130 Wealthy SE, in the same building as the primary space (The Main Theatre). The Koning is named after Community Media Center's founding director, the late Dirk Koning. The Micro-Cinema space was created in 2007 in response to the need for a smaller, more intimate gathering space. The room features a DaLite projection screen (16'x9') and a Christie LX450 projector, and a HDMI Dolby 5.1 soundsystem. Since 2008 this space has been be capable of recording to DVD, broadcasting live on GRTV and also capable of projecting the live video feed from the Main Theatre. Perfect space for movies, smaller comedy events, lectures, forums, acoustic musical performances, screening dailies or even private parties.



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