Anchorage City Limits

Anchorage, AK


239 West 4th Avenue, Anchorage, AK, US
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Capacity: 150

Bio: War on winter Winter has a way of pulling you down, cold and dark like an anchor with its chain frozen to your skin unless, of course, you’ve been to Anchorage City Limits. As a lifelong Alaskan, I’ve tried almost everything to cure the winter blues. From skiing and ice climbing to snow machining, ice racing and all things in between I’ve found many ways to enjoy Alaska for the pristine adventure destination that it is. However, those epic outings are all too brief points of light between lengthy stretches of late sunrises and early sunsets. But there’s a new weapon with which Anchorage can battle winter’s wicked ways, codename: Anchorage City Limits. Upon the first step through the door of this new venue winter is forgotten. The soothing warmth, soft lights and cozy notes that shape the welcoming atmosphere, immediately cradle you. Hints of fresh bread and homemade soup only coax you further into the gentle embrace. The second step inside puts you right at home as the last chill of snow and ice are brushed away by smiling faces and the feeling of having been gone too long. After recovering slightly from the initial trance one soon discovers the calm will be morphed into a vibrant and exciting array of live musical talent. Guitars with an obviously rich musical history decorate one wall as you glance through flowing arches toward the main stage. A grand piano is kept company by an assortment of microphones, drums, and sound equipment giving the impression of serious potential for song. Confirming this impression is the resident musical duo Firefly. Made up of the magnificent Chris Snyder and the captivating Nici Peper, Firefly treats guests to an amazing playlist of original songs christened with rich talent and familiar favorites peppered with acoustic flavor. This super team coupled with regular local artists, weekly open mic nights and an amazing view of Cook Inlet melts perfectly into a formidable tool for building happiness into Alaska’s winter months or between each glorious Alaskan adventure. Shannon Dixon



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