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“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: A Moment To Reflect 3 is a classic. The funny thing is Venomous is so consistent with music. If he’s not dropping single after single, he’s on tour across Europe. I really cannot keep up with this man. For a Hip Hop veteran, he’s got such a youthful energy about him, but still delivers lyricism only a wiser emcee with over a decade of experience could spawn. I’m usually not fond of trilogies having a fourth sequel, making the saga ineligible of being known as a trilogy. Venomous 2000 though? I think he could pull it off. Whether he releases A Moment to Reflect 4 or starts a brand new series, it’s guaranteed to be fantastic. If you miss his next release in 2015, it’ll be like picking up a “go to jail” card while playing monopoly. - See more at: http://thelance.net/2015/01/20/the-year-of-the-underground/#sthash.kNs60HXy.dpuf”

“Positive energy activates constant elevation. That appears to be the overall message behind New Jersey emcee Venomous2000’s ninth full-length solo album. Having consistently worked at sharpening his lyrical sword on each of his previous releases, “Will To Power” arguably finds Venomous more creatively focussed and artistically determined than he’s ever been before, delivering a quality collection of life-affirming Hip-Hop that embodies the true-school values of the culture whilst looking towards the future. Backed by a talented team of producers, the East Coast wordsmith does a sterling job throughout of matching his poignant verses with their ideal sonic backdrop, a selection process which allows his words to resonate and hit home that much more effectively.”

“Although my first love is hip hop music, I like listening to a lot of different genres and appreciate music in general and that is why this album is so appealing from the opening track. It is not a typical sounding hip hop album and I love that. It pushes boundaries and has that element of originality that is often missing from today’s hip hop releases. The production is top notch and I think V building in Europe has added a new dimension to his overall sound. There are a large variety of producers that have blessed this project with their beat making skills. Robot Orchestra (Germany), DJ Manipulator (Boston), Rav P (Boston), AlexKidOne (Greece), Marshtini (Norway), Trillian (Serbia), Sizemen (France), Mentplus (Jersey), Chopzilla (Indianapolis), The Soul Plugger (Stockholm, Astronote (France) all feature on this project and are all producers to look out for in the future.”

"All you need is within you.The legacy continues. My spirit will not die. It's like the Force that's in the Ginyu..." -Venomous2000 If you believe spoken words have the power to create life and death, no one is more powerful than a talented rapper, whose words are circulated, memorized and recycled to the point that people are more likely to paraphrase a rapper than a philosopher or politician to win an argument. Emcees color our memories, clarify our convictions, and provide a framework for our future development. Don't believe me? The next time you start to tell some kid to pull his pants up, just shake your fist at Eazy E's ghost instead. Thankfully for us, that dude Venomous2000 returns to use his powers for good and not evil again on his new album, Will To Power.

“Jerz Emcee Venomous 2000 Drops some Visuals for Overstand Off his Upcoming Mixtape "Ultra Emcee Mixtape 2" Lookout for that. ”

“AMAZINGLY FRESH indeed!!!message is the truth -rashadsun said EDUTAINMENT, and thats the proper term. dope!”

“Venomous2000 is what I like to call "The Right Now", through his music I have learned that he is a fan first. Everything he says is so right now! Like you know when your thinking something, but someone says it outloud and you just feel the relief, Venomous is that man! He isn't your average emcee and with tracks like "Yes" where he ask "Is it Ontime?", he just confirms that! ”

“great energy....Venomous always comes with real messages. Keep keep on!”

“EDUTAINment at it's finest. Venomous represents the new generation of Hip Hop rooted in the foundation of Boom-Bap beats and meaningful lyrics. Shining light from Passaic NJ to all four corners of the world. Cipher Complete!!!”

“This is Excellent , Venomous been nice since Day 1 and only seems to be getting BETTER! Ultra Respect!”



“Dutch40 says Peace to God MCs shining the light of knowlege to show the way. Keep bangin soldier. SALUTE¤”

“Venomous- “Amazingly Fresh” A few reasons to love this song and video… 1. His beautiful daughter holding it down through out the whole video 2. Venomous’ shirt that reads “Jersey Does It Better” 3. Like the title, it’s just “Amazingly Fresh” Three good reasons, now check it out! Support Jersey Hip-Hop. Peace.”

“the album begins to build steam. Over hard drums and filtered strings, EMP’s Venomous 2000 delivers a commanding performance.”

“Sit down and reflect to this. It's to hot to miss listen closely but dont get burned!! The truth is so evident in the lyrics. Listen for yourself.”

“yo this shit is fire beyond the gates of hell....Ven is one of the few cars outta passaic besides myself really doing it and making it happen...we aint running round talkin bout deals we aint got or cars we dont drive nah mean....we the essence....this is a must buy...yo Ven i bet u dont even remember the writing sessions in your room where u was like u finished already? i was like yeah..spit it to u and u were like its hot but tone down on the curses...till this day i remember that and dont be cursing on records just to prove to ppl out here u can be hot without droppin explicits all day..ya shit is ill as always-the pope of new jerz is here to lead the masses”

“Some feel-good hip-hop from out of Passaic, New Jersey.”

“Hailing from Passaic New Jersey, Venomous 2000 The Utlra Emcee epitomizes real raw hip hop. His flow reminds me of a blend of Zumbi's (Zion I) creativity and Tek's (Smif n Wessun) swagger and word play, with a similar nasally voice that pairs to both of them. If you live on the East Coast be sure to look out for V to be performing in your area. V also has a large catalog of music which you can download for free @ www.delinquentsoundz.com , or add him on myspace @ www.myspace.com/venomous2000theultraemcee . Also look out for V featured on my "Stop Blindin' Me" Album on the track "God's Prison" Featuring Smif N Wessun, available on ITunes & @ www.onyoz.bandcamp.com . ONY OZ”