venil / Press

“Brilliant song!!!!! Very good collaboration!!!! You are poised for greatness, no doubt in my mind about that!!!! Much love to you Venil!!!!!!!”

Southern Emperor

“Engaging and well-crafted tracks! Your vocals on "Lost in Life" are pure bliss. "Just Last Night" is a hit. Keep the words and music flowin'”

Juliann Andreen

“An amazing musical surprise found right here...wow. Tremendous vocals, solid production, and serious musical foundation. Excellent!”

Richard D. Ruttenberg

“One of the hottest EP's will be dropping very soon!!! Original Diverse gems, looking forward to it. Venil is going to have a universal impact!”

Jonathan Tambe - Tambe Productions

"The voice on this woman is insane, reminds me of some Erykah Badu from the roots or something along those lines. Very soulful voice along with a soulful instrumental with a great bass line. The keys are properly added to the instrumental track, making for a great melody. I can easily see this song on the radio between the harmony, and the vocalists beautiful voice and lyrical content."

Reverbnation - - Crowd Review on "Just Last Night"