Vendetta/E. Vicious / Press

“On that song Aint it Strange this guy says "I slut fuck her on a reggie keepin meat up in her stomach. I be stompin on da pussy like Caine on Ileana cousin!" The guy that got his ass kicked on Menace to Society with the funny run! SICK”

Telly Lykitiz - Dual Magazine

“Was searching the net looking for the real E. Vicious but I'm glad I came across this...... you got skills man and you real! Hope you blow up, good luck!”

slowleecatcheemonkee - Fan

“I LIKE this shit, this is some creative shit! Keep grinding!”

Daryl613 - Fan

“Check his graph and you'll see how quickly he's climbing the REVERBNATION charts. This guy has jumped nearly four thousand spots in about a months time.....that's impressive!”

Herbert Mason/ Stats and Event Mngmnt. - FanScan Assoc.

“I told E when I met him that he was highly marketable just on appearance alone, his music is a PLUS! To me he's different cuz he tells a story like none other!”

C. Bradley - Kynfolk Ent.

“For real though lotta niggaz be hatin' on that man but when it's all said and done they still aint on his level; like.......who IZ you? Know what I'm sayin?”

Mikey Tan - OSO Boyz

“Love working with Vendetta! He conducts his business in a professional manner and he's extremely easy on the ears. He gives off a great energy and his work ethic is outstanding. A model artist...”

Ray Lawrence - Bamma Free Ent.

“Who E? Shit, one thang bout my nigga and errybody tell you this! If yo ass need a hook or nigga to put a hot sixteen on ya shit.....oh my nigga E vicious.... dat why I call him E. Vicious!”

King D. - Allstar Ent.

“E. Veezy is the truth! Creativity, hooks, good lyrical content, punchlines......this guy has it all! I was expecting the typical and got exactly the opposite....I'm a fan hands down!!!”

Telly Lykitiz - Dual Magazine