Velvet Guard / Press

“Touch is an explosive song that is a perfect mixture of deep and heavy instruments and fast rhythms, but once David Trust's deep voice kicks in the song is perfected. Trust's voice reminded me of Matthew Bellamy (lead vocalist of Muse) except it is much deeper.”

“You don't want to miss Velvet Guard, he has a voice like buttered rum.”

“Funny thing I was going to dig out some Interpol tonight, then I found your music, coool indie rock good work you Velvet Guard fellas.”

“Great Sound...definitely channeling Morrison...”

"Touch" is a beautiful epic spectacle guys..like Scott Walker and Roy Orbison went on a shroom trip with DangerMouse and Nick Cave.

“Awesome Guitar Work And Killer Voice!”

“Provocative, well-crafted compositions complemented by compelling, well-executed performance & production. Sweet tracks!”

"We are not sure what we are doing."