Velimir Grabusic - Veljo / Press

“Hi Velmir, Wow...! I am listening to "Thousand Smiles" now. You are a true virtuoso and an amazing bass guitarist. I am quite impressed... and it takes much to impress me these days. Please accept my admiration. I am truly your fan Sir. Perhaps one day, I will have the privilege of playing with you. It would be my honour... of course. Best Regards, Art Bell - Charlotte, NC USA ”

Art Bell - Charlotte, NC USA - Comments

“How many fingers do you have exactly.....really.....lol Great stuff! ”

-Eric S- - Comments

“Glad to meet you my friend! Awesome bass work! on "Thousand smiles"! I am a fan! Thank you so much for becoming mine! Stay in contact.”

Tom Baker - Comments

“Very true to the spirit of improvisation and creativity. I enjoy your compositions. Keep digging ...”

Emanuel David - Comments

“Unique style, Vel - seems like a good movie soundtrack opportunity to me. Well done!”

Tom Balek - Comments

“Velimir, all I can say is WOW, your music is simply spellbinding. Bobbi ;)”

Bobbi Walker - Comments