Velapene Screen / Press

“This highly anticipated release from Velapene Screen was well worth the wait. Chris Ghiraldi doesn't let us forget why it is we enjoy his brand of electronic music and he does it with a generous hand. "Velavator" makes its obvious that he is intentionally breaking down his creative boundries and exploring a galaxy of remarkable talents . Ghiraldi takes "Velavator" way beyond the penthouse level with remixes from Meat Beat Manifesto, Duran Duran Duran, Bd1982, Rob Paterson and Chris Randall (Formally of Sister Machine Gun) .Catchy melodic hooks and chopped rythms are abundant as a solid backbone runs like a trainline from beginning to end. Every minute on this record stimulates and engages ,solidifying Velapene Screen's future as an eclectic pioneer of his own destiny..Easily a top pick for 2011.”

Mark Young - Electro~pulse

“In reply to sendng "Breaks : The Habit" to a california radioshow dj::::::::::::::::::::::::::: " This is soooooo f@%cking good!!!! Turned on the volume to 11 and just gave myself a sore neck after this dropped. Its going on air tonight for sure!!! Thanks you so much for providing this for tonight's show! Sweeet!!!! -Dj Rubrene :TELESTHESIA kuci, Irvine Ca www.kuci.org 88.9 fm”

Chris Rubrene - www.Kuci.org

“2006 National Laptop Battle:Threv, from Atlanta, Threv eliminated by Velapene Screen.Doormouse, from Miami, brought a lot of variety to his sets ,Doormouse was shut out of the finals by Velapene Screen in an intense battle. The local favorite, Squid Leader, from Seattle, played some heavy beats with arpeggio melody lines. Squid Leader is a high energy performer jumping and moving around the stage. Squid Leader won third place in the consolation round being beaten by Velapene Screen.Thanks to the double elimination tournament Velapene Screen, from New York City, almost ran the table to win the championship. Velapene Sceen is kind of an IDM style with nice ever changing melodic lines and progressive beats. He lost in the first round against Vytear because his computer crashed, so he was stuck in the losers bracket eliminating all comers until he could battle back to meet Vytear again in the Finals.”

“Peep his first full length album, 'Medical Breaths' on Frozen Empire Media - released just this week. Head over to Velapene Screen's site, scroll down and peep the track 'Even Bad is Good,' one of the illest broken hip hop tracks this side of Prefuse 73. Believe it or not, the rest of the album is just as good. His previous EP on Co.Ad Audio, 'Velatision,' also scored well with critics and listeners alike with its blend of quick cuts and thick, chunky beats. Featuring some of the illest glitched up music in recent memory, Velapene Screen's music is not to be missed”

Praveen Sharma - Percussion Lab

“ Fresh off of a glorious introduction through the Crash Redevelopment compilation, Brooklyn’s Co.Ad label offers their latest slice of electronics by Velapene Screen (a.k.a. Chris Ghiraldi). On this 6-track EP Velapene Screen delivers a left-of-centre vibe that trickles down a digital rainforest of sound. “Make No Tea” is a classic example of this formula;”

“CRASH REDEVELOPMENT CO.AD.AUDIO. And so it seems that their compilation has a strong representation of where they're headed. Both Datach'i and Unit have made massive strides in their production, Datach'i is more ferocious then ever and his drill'n'bass sound is a thousand times more complex. Unit has been working hard as well. His track, "Medicine Is Using" represents the broad focus of the label, bringing the emotional depth of the old Detroit techno vibe with complex and evolving rhythm structures. In addition to tunes by Bob Humid from Cologne and NKH, Velapene Screen, based in New York, closes out the disc with a lush and intricate track. Can't wait to see what comes next.”