Veins to Wires / Press

“Fuck yeah!”

Julie Treadway - Facebook Fan Review

“Veins to Wires is pretty rockin'. At first listen, the drum machines and synths make you wonder why there's so much moss all over their website, http://www.veinstowires.com/, but when you hear Maija's soulful voice you understand the connection. It's an interesting hybrid; electronic dance music fused with organic and emotional lyrics sung with intensity instead of copy and paste sound bites. It’s a combination that works well for Maija and composer Aaron Green. It's obvious that Maija not only enjoys singing, but believes in the words she's put into the ten songs that make up Vein’s nine song album, Void. You can hear it in her voice, which reminds me a little of Tinderbox era Siouxie and the Banshees. The mix of tight composition and meaningful lyrics makes you want to listen to their SoundCloud page over and over, but do the right thing and buy the MP3’s from them and get the music hi-fi.”

Greg Wolf - Facebook

“I love the techno sounds mixed with the earthy tones of Maija's voice. I like that much of your music has a soulful message.”

Daina Eislers - Facebook Fan Review