Veil of Thorns / Press

“Rarely do I come across a recording that stumps me the way this one did. Before hearing it I was aware of Veil of Thorns, and I had heard the occasional track, but after listening I can say that I am most assuredly a fan. The title for the album is Salon Apocalypse, and it is certainly apt considering the mood of the music presented. It feels like I am comfortably seated looking out at an apocalypse slowly being unveiled in the light of the setting sun. Whether this is an apocalypse in its original meaning (revelation), or the fall of civilization is not yet evident, but I have a feeling it may indeed be both. The two experiences are certainly not mutally exclusive.”

“I recently did a review of Veil of Thorns' Salon Apocalypse for Heathen Harvest, and I hope this is not the last time I get to do it. Veil of Thorns is P. Emmerson Williams' project since 1991, but the project also includes a long list of other musicians who are clearly adept at their various instruments. Williams is an experienced musician who's worked on a number of projects in different styles, as well as a very skilled visual artist. This is his first release on the legendary label Inner-X-Musick, recently resurrected after a lengthy absence. The foundation for Necrofuturist is something in the vein of Skinny Puppy's more ambient tracks, firmly rooted in electronic industrial soundscaping, but without the emphasis on sculpting through samples from various media. The focus lies more on dense layers of instruments and skillfull arrangements.”