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“...a power-pop paradise. It's so pressure packed with tremendously catchy melodies and amusing lyrics that I found myself immediately replaying this record as soon as it was over..... Audio Ammunition didn’t do a year’s best records list for 2013, but if I did, this record would have easily been one of the top!”

“They have been a bright spot on the power pop landscape since their debut, Starting with You Set The World On Fire,' John Ratts and Eric Kern burn through its high energy tribute to modern scientists. Then it pushes the guitars to '11' with 'Salt Water Taffy,' a catchy single that reminds me of Myracle Brah with its smooth harmonies. And the band has lots of fun too, notable is 'Cool Things' a hummable garage sale list ('boombox, CD Stand, Cup from 7-11') sung with an excitement that compares well with Bowling For Soup. The pace moderates a bit with 'Empathia,' another great short story set to music, however my favorite track here is 'Everybody Wants An Atom Bomb.' It’s an over-the-top melody with a killer riff that drips of chauvinistic patriotism and fireworks. More light fun is on 'Snow Day' and the grand finale title track is more than satisfying. You get a packed 14 tracks and all without any filler. Highly recommended.”

Aaron Kupferberg - Powerpopaholic.com

“WOW!! Doing what a band is supposed to do with each ensuing release - get better - they do in spades! On this, their third release, the band furthers their formula of fun, upbeat, driving, intelligent rock and power pop.... The results: STELLAR!!! A year end "Best Of" contender for sure! GREAT!!!”

Kool Kat Musik.com

“Cracking power pop from start to finish, I am playing the album now for the umpteenth time and I don't see that abating anytime soon… well crafted, catchy tunes, great vocal arrangements, a nod to some of our heroes in the world of power pop … the downside is you need to buy 2 cd’s, one for the home and one for the car.”

Wayne Lundqvist Ford - Ice Cream Man Power Pop

“Vegas With Randolph's 'Above The Blue' CD is 'The Better Part' of power pop.........In short, Vegas With Randolph’s Above The Blue is perhaps one of the best recent indie releases and may leave listeners “Wondering” just why the band hasn’t hit it big yet.””

Will Phoenix - LA Examiner

“VWR play the type of music that made me fall in love with power pop in the first place:….. melodies that sound as if you've been pals with 'em for years, guitars that crunch, palpable energy and a big helping of fun...It's all pretty wonderful, but the standouts to these ears are the absolutely irresistible "Wondering" and the ridiculously hooky "Marisa."”

John Borack - Goldmine Magazine

“Sheer power pop perfection.. Incredibly articulate, poetic wordplay informs each line. Not one thought or sentiment is wasted.. This is blissful pop songwriting at its finest.. It's thinking man's party music.”

Michael Lidskin - DJ, Twirl Radio

“Comparisons to Fountains of Wayne are inevitable: strong melodies, well-thought-out vocal harmonies, middling tempos, clever lyrics, high-octane guitars… But Vegas With Randolph does more than just deliver rock-and-wry on Above the Blue… the album is successful on any number of levels... Vegas With Randolph is a band to watch.”

Bill Kopp - Musoscribe -- http://blog.billkopp.com

“A stellar second LP… stone-washed velvet vocals… stunning bass… well-judged pieces combine superbly…These guys are very strong songwriters. Containing sufficient effervescence to sit well in the album, the listener is not short-changed.”

Tim Whale - indiebandsblog.com

“ebullient, unabashed power pop… takes cues from all of the masters: Beatles, Kinks, Byrds, Beach Boys, The Hollies, etc …(VWR) outdid themselves here and though ABOVE THE BLUE was released this past summer, it’s really essential listening for ANY season. ”

Tim Hinely - www.daggerzine.com

“A pop delight. Reminiscent at times of other multi-fronted power pop groups (Fastball, Sloan), the result is a left-field surprise that deserves attention in the power pop community….There are plenty of standouts...This one touches all the power pop bases.”

Absolute Powerpop.com

“VWR has been known to hit that kind of tough balance Fountains of Wayne does in their best stuff: ironic self-deprecation without sneering…… Probably my favorite VWR song is the sublimely energized "Some Time to Live." As soon as I heard this song, I immediately went out and bought everything they've released. ”

Mary E Donnelly, - Powerpop.blogspot.com

“The brilliant, hook-filled debut from this band from the Washington DC area …..In these parts, we call that a "home run"! GREAT!!!!”

Kool Kat Music.com

“Years ago Rolling Stone ran an April Fool’s story about a band named Guitar which consisted of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and Jimi Hendrix. If that band existed it might sound like Vegas with Randolph…There are inventive guitar licks all over this thing, and they rock like Paul Collins…every song here has good bones–interesting change-ups and hooks.”

Mike Barron - PopGeekHeaven.com

“An extremely strong, out of nowhere debut from this Washington DC power pop band….. VERY, VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and a band that is going to be around for some time bringing pleasure to music fans like you and me ”


“Vegas With Randolph's self-titled debut album has quickly become a favorite for me after just one listen.. If you are like me and like those modern bands that keep the 60’s influences alive and well, then you will love this too.”

“They approach the music with a smart enthusiasm reminiscent of Fountains of Wayne and early Joe Jackson... an excellent value for your musical dollar.”


“Strong pop music that rocks…… a fresh band that people can get behind. A talent in pop/rock that does not come too often, and rarely from the major labels.”

The Independent Music Scene. com

“If ever a band took the banner of power pop and flew with it, it’s Vegas With Randolph….. “Above The Blue” is an excellent album, without a wasted note, that hits every mood you could possibly have.”


“Going from horn-based rave-up to acoustic interlude to straight-up power pop, Vegas With Randolph remain masters of the medley, and the Abbey Road-style album experience is not to be dismissed in the era of the iPod!”

Absolute Powerpop.com

“Easy, catchy pop rock ….. all the songs possess the quality that, no matter how hard you try, you just have to tap your foot and bob your head, ala “That Thing You Do.” ”

Robert Fulton - On Tap Magazine