Vayaz / Press

“Hey Vayaz, Nice Remix...Very Funky Indeed... Love The Baby Scratches In It. :)”

DJ Playmate - Mydjspace

“KILLER Effort On Body Of Sound Mate, Whats Next?”

Datapunk - Mydjspace

“Yeah, Boyeeeeee. THATS The Vayaz I Know And Admire... Body of sound Is A Killer Return To The Style That Separates You From The Rest, Bro.... And So Is Changled. Props and Kudos, Etc....”

DJ Stelios - Mydjspace

“Changled Was Suite Vayaz”

Beehaus - Mydjspace

“Hi Vayaz. How Are You Buddy. I've Gotta Say Resonance Sounds Brilliant. I Think You Got A Really Nice Balance There. And The Beat Is Big And Fat. Im Glad You Went Ahead With It. Cause Its Just Fine. Thanks Again Buddy. And Take Care Catch You Soon.)”

Beaubuin - Mydjspace

“Hey Mate. Like Ya New Tune! Keep Em Comin Mate!”

Kilo Pounds - Mydjspace

“Just Listened To Your Collaboration With Beaubuin (Voyage). Very Nice Trance”

SkattaCone - Mydjspace

“Wow Man, In The Game Is The Shit... Nice Keyboarding.... Clean And Clear Unique Sound....”

DJ Stelios - Mydjspace

“Hey Vayaz! Hows Things? Been A While Since We Last Spoke! I Totally Agree With DJ Stelios! In The Game was Awesome Hehe!”

Voltiserz - Mydjspace

“Hey Vayaz My Man, Hows You, Damn These Tunes Of Yours Are Getting Real Farking Good Bro, The Icing On The Cake Is "Play it now", Mate You Gotta Get This In The Clubs Bro, Fantastic Job, Some Real Nice Work You Got”

DJ CTX - Mydjspace