Vaudeville / Press

“Each member connected with the crowd in his own way, making the performance enthralling from any angle or distance. Combine this with a light and laser display that Muse would be envious of, and you have found yourself in a full-blown rock concert that would make anyone want to throw a fist in the air.”

"Of the eleven songs featured, there is not one song that could be considered a filler. It’s hard to believe Vaudeville have not been signed yet. In this humble writer’s opinion they are easily as good (if not better than) any of the rock bands in the charts these days."

““'Vendetta' has 11 songs and each of them has something to give the fans. These guys are not joking at all. They are talented, that’s undisputable, but there’s more than that. They know how to write stimulating tunes and how to deliver some damn catchy melodies...they are inspired, creative & way better than some major, greatly-advertised commercial “modern” bands that have lost their inspiration for some time now...I believe that 'Vendetta' is one of the top independent rock releases in 2012. Watch out for these guys…”

"While modern alternative and indie rock can seem predictable and homogeneous, there's something to Vaudeville's sound that even impressed traditional hard rock fan...The bottom line: Vaudeville's 'Vendetta' is a very good album of melodic modern hard rock from a young and aspiring band. Recommended."

“'They deliver a smorgasbord of brilliant and epic rock...[A few of their songs] have forever made a place in my heart. I´m amazed!"”

“It was like Muse and Radiohead had an illegitimate child with Trent Reznor while on steroids. Do me a favor, Mankato, and get to know these guys!”

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