Vaudeville Etiquette / Press

“There are many things separating VE from the crowded field of new folksters and one of them is groove. Sander Vinberg's upright bass and Bryce Gourley's drums are going to drag you to the dance floor while you get your folk on and that's a good thing because you can claim it's the sweat making your eyes sting rather than the pedal steel of Matt Teske.”

“Premiere: Vaudeville Etiquette's 'Blood & Bone'”

“Led by twangy vocals and a thumping upright bass, this tightly arranged newgrass sampler is a cocktail of rock, jazz, and blues—steeped in SoCo.”

“...the talented folk, rock, country, and blues band Vaudeville Etiquette will certainly give a worthy performance with their floor-stomping energy and vibrant stage presence.”

“...the Ballard-based band is sure to have many swaying dreamily”

“Light picks on a guitar followed by sweeping melodies might just transport a listener straight out of the Seattle gray and smack into a hot Mississippi summer. From the dark, slow-paced “Six Feet Deep” to the swanky, near-gospel-tune of “Devil’s Daughter,” the music exudes an old-country flavor mixed with a slew of other influences such as Phish, Fleetwood Mac, and The Band.”

“Throughout Vaudeville Etiquette's cover of the album last Saturday night at the Sunset in Ballard, there were couples kissing, grown men squealing, women high-fiving, and at least one guy in a white dress suit doing a dance that involved lots of pointing at the ceiling”